It Runs in the Family











Spinning has taken over my life. It has definitely taken over my crafting life, but really, it has taken over the whole house, made it into my dreams, conned me out of some money and entrenched itself firmly in our daily routine. It is like it has never not been there. And now? It has infected my family.

Last week I sent my sister an Ashford drop spindle and some roving for her birthday. After a couple hours of spinning (still in her PJs… I know, even I don’t have it that bad) she had a skein of 2-ply yarn.

Can we give my sister her props here, people. From zero to 60 in three seconds. From a none spinner into a yarn maker in a couple hours. Please.

And here it is.

Clever sis

I am truly impressed. And knowing how addictive yarn making is, I wonder how long it will be before she gets a wheel of her own?

Clever little sis.


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