Little things make me happy





I wasn’t going to blog this. This is a gift from a reader, now friend, and I am never sure whether these things are mine to talk about publicly.

I am blessed with having found many friends through this space of ours, and some very kind souls send me things from time to time, and I usually keep those things private, because, well unless I have permission to blog it’s kind of like a trust broken isn’t it?

But sorry Debs. Had to blog this – because along with the endless gifts of others dotted around our home, whenever I spy this little bit of happy peeping out it lifts my spirits so much. It is simple, pretty, beautiful colours and a little tangible piece to say ‘someone in the world really loves you’. And it’s a chicken. I mean, come on. That appeals to my wannabe farmer girl in me.

If I’ve never thanked you publicly for any act of kindness anyone has shown me it isn’t for want of thinking about you. Little acts of kindness keep me afloat in so many ways.

Thankyou. To all of you. You rock my world.


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