Not been idle







I’ve not been idle this Ramadan, or Eid. As well as the blanket I am attempting to make using up all the horrible acrylic yarn I have amassed, I have also uncovered every remnant ball of yarn from the nice stuff to finish off all those odds and ends in another project.

Yep. Another blanket. I know. I know. But what to do. Come winter time we need blankets, right? And this project is a nice one – copying the log cabin blanket I made a while (three years?!!) back, but with a twist… instead of one huge square it will be made of twenty-five smaller ones. Because I like that kind of pain.

So far I’m only a small way into this project. I hope to finish it before winter, but seeing as autumn seems to have suddenly dropped on us (when did that happen?) I can’t guarantee it.

But some yarn, some tea, a book, some company… it’s all good.


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