Burlap Baskets and then Some










After the success of the initial basket, whipped up some time ago, I made a further three for the boys’ room.

They are colourful, using a range of rainbow fabrics to add a bit of jolly to the room, and they nest! Because there is something about nesting boxes which appeals to my need to organise and tidy up. So neat. And fold-able. And cute. But more than that, they are useful! I love useful things. I love organisation. I am the woman who turns straight to the boxes and crates section in any catalogue…. I dream in co-ordinated organised colour matching.

These simple baskets tick every box : pretty, useful and colourful. And much needed too, for the Lego continues to grow and take over every inch of my house. Hopefully these buckets will tame the mass just enough for the boys to find what they want…


13 thoughts on “Burlap Baskets and then Some

  1. Hi, as a regular reader of your blog who doesn’t often comment I wanted to say just how much I like those baskets and am inspired to try to make some of my own although I am very much a novice with my sewing machine!Julia


  2. I just saw some Lego brand storage items the other day, made of sort of material-type stuff in Toysrus, retailing at around 25 quid-and they were ugly. Yours are so much more appealing, and I bet economical..


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