First of the Season









Well, those berries didn’t last very long. Eaten in handfuls, and made into pie (more on that later) the rest were quickly destined to become part of the first batch of jam of the season.

The last couple years the majority of our jam has been made with plum, but by far, the most celebrated jam I make is any made of berries. The very favourite is the woodland walk jam I make using the berries we find in the forest come harvest time – bramble, elderberry and free food like that. But I would say that this blueberry (and apple) jam is coming a very close second…

Tucked away now in the back of the cupboard we’ll save this for the very heart of winter, when we can pluck a jar out and remember the day we picked its contents, and, if we close our eyes, we might just remember the summer a little more keenly.


12 thoughts on “First of the Season

  1. Being able to eat summer in the dead of winter is exactly what motivates me to can all that we can from our garden. I envy your ability to take walks and find wild berries. Sadly, those things no longer exist in the area that I live in. We can go to farms and pay to pick various fruits. Our family gathers blackberries and strawberries every summer.


  2. Yum! My only jamming endeavour so far this year has been 2 jars of redcurrant jelly with some berries from a neighbour’s glut! I’m also looking forward to the ‘Hedgerow Jam’ which we’ll make with crab apples from our tree mixed with blackberries and bullaces foraged on our walks.


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