I refrained…











I refrained. I did not make the lap blanket I thought was a foregone conclusion when I first received the fabric.

Instead, I did make the over-sized burlap basket for my spinning needs, and there it sits, large and empty, waiting to filled to the top with fleece. Yes, I’m ready now for a whole sheep.

I also made a cushion cover, for this piece of fabric was one I was mesmerised by – it just took my breath away, and I wanted it to shine a little light all of its own. I made piping to give the cover a finished look, and I love the way it ‘pops’ whilst nestled with all the other cushions.

And with some scraps I made a small table runner, or mat. Not really a necessity, but it pulls all the new colours in the room together somewhat.

And the best bit? I still have loads of fabric left! Maybe I will make a blanket after all…. *twitch*…. just to scratch that itch….


13 thoughts on “I refrained…

  1. Everything looks so lovely. Your color scheme, textures, furnishings…..just so awesome!Hey, I have moved to another town and while unpacking came upon this thingy I bought with you in mind. I would like to send it to you. Can you send me an address to send it to? You can send a message via flickr if you like. I don’t really know if you will like it…but it’s yours. ; ) Do with it what you will.xoxoox d


  2. Hold the phone… you’re upset about not being able to bake?? Then I should be crying a river for not being able to sew and knit! Wow, MashaAllah, love the cushions and the colors. I’m going nuts for the oversize burlap bag. Would you mind sharing the source of the pattern?


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