Cloud 9












So. Karen at Blueberry Park had a giveaway on her blog. The giveaway happened to be from one of her sponsors – Backstitch – a full fat quarter bundle of all 12 designs of Simpatico by Cloud 9 Fabrics.

And I won it. … … I know. I almost choked on my tongue in excitement when I found out! And then it arrived and I think I may know why they named it ‘Cloud 9’… heaven in cotton. Simple beauty which had my heart pitter-pattering….

Part of the giveaway included mentioning what you might like to make with the fabric if you won it, and I was most certain that I would make a couple burlap baskets for the sitting room. Perhaps over-sized to keep some fleece in next to the spinning wheel.

But then it arrived. And I lined it up. And the possibilities of everything I could make with it all started firing off in all directions. I am fighting the urge to make yet another lap blanket. I am, really. But… oh it would look so prettyyyyyy… imagine the perfect lap blanket with all these pretty fabrics. IMAGINE IT.

I know. Deep breaths. Think before you cut. Be very certain. Don’t rush into anything. Just line it up and stare at it. It’s pretty, yes? It makes your heart beat faster, right? It makes you want to line it up on the floor, get naked and roll all over it, yes?

… :: dead silence :: … … :: crickets chirp :: … … :: tumbleweed blows past :: …

… No?

Just me, then.

Off to get my creative hat on and think what I really want to make. Will let you know once it’s complete!


13 thoughts on “Cloud 9

  1. mmmmmmm….real purdy. Yes, cloud nine. I think the lap blanket is a must. Then you can stare at it more. ; ) And then we can look at pictures of you staring at it. Yes. A must do. ; )xoxoxo d


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