Slowing Down





We kid ourselves constantly by saying ‘we don’t have time’, that life is ‘busy’. We can’t find the time for friends, family, crafting, inventing, art. But the truth of the matter is – is that ‘time’ is all we ever really have. It is ALL we have. Our life is in fact a parcel of time, freely given, to use with freewill until we visit the grave. And we prioritise our time constantly. We make space in our lives for the things which are truly important to us, and the things we do is simply our beliefs in action – if you believe something to be important you find the time; if you leave something out, well, that speaks volumes too.

And it’s true, with so many things to fit into family (and homeschooling family at that!) time, some things are left by the wayside, put on still pause for when you are not so needed, ruefully hankered after as you play one. more. game. of Blokus.

But stopping, every so often, to look up, listen, watch, observe, it’s amazing to find what’s happening right in front of us right now as we’re busy making other plans.

Life is this very second, so as I move through the days with these little people at my side I am reminded, when I take time to stop, to make the right choices, prioritise the right things. I must remember to always take time out in every day to slow down, stop, watch and listen, because for all it’s painful toil, life is so very, very beautiful.

:: Just to add ::
If you want some Ramadan craft ideas to slow down this month with your little ones, you can find some inspiration over on Green Prophet (a voice for environmental and sustainable issues in the Middle East) – I am honoured to be included in the list. So if you have five minutes, if you can take the time, slow down and pay them a visit.


5 thoughts on “Slowing Down

  1. i love this post…i will carry it with me today as i feel i need to stop and look and appreciate..and your new blog header is simply gloriousmy most fave yet!t x


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