Ramadan 2012



Here we are again. Another year, another Ramadan. Another month-long fast. I have written about it here last year. The iftar calendar we all made together last year has been dusted off and hung back up. The boys are excitedly dancing around, counting down the days to Eid.

I don’t know how the fast will affect my blogging consistency. It’s a long one this year, falling in the summer months – twenty hours. Twenty! I know! It’s enough to make you want to emigrate to Australia!

So, anyway, bear with me as I try to stay upright!

And those you fasting, Ramadan Mubarak. May Allah accept your fast. Amin.


10 thoughts on “Ramadan 2012

  1. A belated Ramadhan Mubarak from me sis! Insha’Allah your managing ok? I have good days (alhamdulillah) but mostly bad days, im sooo not a fan of Ramadhan and this year my efforts are at their lowest. Im managing all the fasts but not much else, ok then, pretty much NOTHING else. For me its the hardest part of being muslim, i just wish i could appreciate its blessings more!! One day insha’Allah!Aqeela xx


  2. It’s a long one. You can’t really prepare for Ramadan. We are so attached to the dunya, which is why we find it so hard… I just keep thinking death will be harder. But yeah… Frazzled… Subhan’allah


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