Revisiting the Ripple


I’m not a fan of acrylic yarn. You could call that an understatement. It repels me. I hate the feel of it and I don’t like it next to my skin. It baffles me, then, as to how I’ve managed to accrue so MUCH of it over the time I’ve been a yarn addict. It just doesn’t end. It goes on and on.

To finally rid the house of all abominable acrylic I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone – work up yet another blanket to satiate my mad, blanket obsessed mama hen subconscious, and finally use up all leftover acrylic from every last vestige I could find.

And what better way to do so than with a bit of ripple.




I only hope I can make a blanket big enough without having to buy yet MORE horrid yarn to finish it off with, which would then thus leave me with yet more leftover icky yarn to get rid of. This could be a vicious circle…


13 thoughts on “Revisiting the Ripple

  1. This is beautiful though! Am I right in identifying a crochet pattern? I’m going to have to delve into crochet again and give it a second go. Good blanket though. Looks great!


  2. I also have quite a bit of acrylic and it perplexes me. You could make a cushion cover(s) if there’s not enough for a blanket – or maybe little mats for sitting on for picnicking (just brainstorming here) as they’d be easily bungable in the wash?


  3. I love the blanket. I was gifted with a bunch of acrylic yarn and it has been sitting in my basket forever. I am a beginner knitter and a failure at crocheting but I may have to try again. I like the ripple pattern.


  4. Love this. I finally bagged up all the old acrylic yarn in my stash and then as we drove it to the thrift my daughter, playing with the yarn, came up with a huge finger knitting project. Needless to say, half of said yarn came back out of the bags and is back up in the attic. Ack. I can’t stand the feel of it either. I call it plastic yarn. But alas, it’s what I grew up with. Acrylic blankets, slippers, bags, seat cushions, place mats. Ahhh, memories.


  5. Yes I grew up with it too which is probably why I never liked knitting! It is plastic!I’m not god with crochet either,I bumbling along with this trying to make something from nothing.


  6. I so agree about it being plastic wool. but this is really pretty, the ripple has always been my favourite crochet pattern. Lovely colour sequence.


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