You Got Me Spinning Right ‘Round






Yes. Another spinning post. In my defense, however, it’s not about my spinning.

I was finding that whenever I sat to spin the boys would naturally gravitate towards my side, asking to have a go. So, I purchased a few more drop spindles and set aside a basket of ‘fluff’ for them to dip into, and after a relatively short space of time they took to it.

‘This is EASY mummy – when can I have a go of the wheel??’…. steady on there, young Skywalker. Keen as they are to get to the wheel (to pretend to using as a steering wheel, I have no doubt) I think we’ll leave the spindles around for a while yet. It’s an easy to pick up and put down craft, they don’t need supervision and we can take it along when we leave the house.




Interest dips and wanes; we have moments of intense interest and activity and other times when I think Lego is winning out. What I do love about this spinning business it how we all seem to gather together when it happens. I sit in one chair, or on a stool with the wheel, the boys will sit with the spindles and we talk.

We’ve been finding a new groove before bedtimes too; we seem to gather in the sitting room, make a little yarn, listen to my husband tell tales of when he was a boy and we enjoy a little bit of mindful company. Hands and minds are kept purposeful, the creative juices are kept well oiled and we part before lights out with a bit more knitting fodder for the pile. Now all we need is an open fire and someone with a banjo and I think this wannabe pioneer woman could be very happy indeed.



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