Sweater Update

Goodness, what a weekend we’ve had. It’s left rather a bad taste in the mouth. As such I’ve closed comments in the last post in the hope of moving on. Can we? Move on? Can we get back to beauty and positivity, yarn, spinning, making, crafting, and babes, because there is something I’ve been dying to show you…









The FLS is finished! It came together while we were out of town leaving only the blocking and button choosing remaining when we returned.

It isn’t perfect; it only takes a momentary laspe in concentration for lace patterns to look askewed. This sweater certainly has an interesting, erm, addition to the intended pattern here and there. But, oh, who cares. Isn’t that what makes handmade the real deal – all the quirks that real people put into things?

It was made intentionally 3/4 length in body and sleaves. I do have a habit of rolling sleaves up. I suppose when you’ve always got your hands in water, or cleaning something up that this is natural. Shorter sleaves make much more sense for me. It means I can keep the sleaves dirt free as I’m washing, or weeding, or what-have-you.

And there you have it. My wonderfully coloured Quince yarn is now at an end. Has it knocked my obsession with honey and mustard into order?

….Not one little bit.

Details to follow on Ravelry.


8 thoughts on “Sweater Update

  1. Love it! Your sweater is perfect and I like the idea of 3/4 length sleeves. I must admit that I haven’t ever used the mustard color family of yarns until I started seeing them here. I had a think and stared at the color and decided I love it!! Great, great, great. Going to get some for my next project.


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