Out of Town




Back at the shore. Reminded at how, as well as being at the centre of a forest, I am centred and energised at the shore, near water, with all that salty wind, beach treasures and a continous horizon of land meeting sea.

I didn’t realise that I had missed it.


10 thoughts on “Out of Town

  1. the shore and the forest. both centering and divine! we are headed to the eastern shore of Virginia tomorrow! (CUTE shoes – even though i fee like saying that is very shallow!!)


    1. That’s what I thought when I saw the photos of the shoes first! Such a refreshing color, simple lines ~ lovely on that bed of stones. I’m glad you shared this simple pleasure with us 🙂


  2. Oh, how nice it is to get away from the everyday life! Even two days does me a world of good. I especially like the water. We will go out to the coast and spend so much time hunting for sea glass. I know you can buy it, but it is so much fun to find it. But now with all the debris starting to wash ashore from the Japanese tsunami it will be a different world. My sisters and I are going out to the coast next month and I am not sure what we will find.


  3. Oh! Didn’t mean to make that sound like it is going to be a treasure hunt! The beaches are becoming sacred areas and we are seeing the devastation that happened that March day of 2011. Not allot yet, but in the coming months more will be coming ashore. I am not sure whether we will find the beach clear, or full, or somewhere in between. But I know I will be praying if I see anything.


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