Sneak Peeks



Even though I’ve been working on a few pieces for a shop update I still feel as though I haven’t really found my groove with my making for the past year. I’m feeling a little confined by the space issue again. I regularly can’t be bothered with the effort of relocating everything I own to get to the sewing machine, only to then reverse the effort once I’m done. I do dream of a room of my own. And the rest.

But hopefully a few little things might find their way out of my work niche soon…maybe, you know, kinda. I hope so anyway. I do enjoy making, I’m not so hot at the branding and selling thing. I just love making things.





I hope you like the things I make as much as I like making them! More on that if ever these little bits and pieces get finished.


4 thoughts on “Sneak Peeks

  1. I havent had my sewing machine out for months now as i know it will end up with me feeling crap about how crap i am at sewing when the bloomin tention and bobbin dont cooporate. BUT i will be dusting it off soon insha’Allah as im so inspired now that the house is looking better! Would be great to have our own sewing rooms wouldnt it? Maybe one day insha’Allah!Aqeela xx


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