Jeans to Bag





On a whim I snatched these from the never-ending mending pile, realised my son had now out-grown them *blush* and decided to have a go at something completely unnecessary – a bag.

I simply snipped off the legs, sewed the hem, added a lining and used the belt as a strap and this came together in under ten minutes. It’s OK as a rough-n-ready go-to purse. Hardly evening wear, but I like it. I’m scouring my house for all those old button badges to add punk element to this schoolgirl project.

It certainly has enough pockets for all my stuff and I think I’m going to like toting this around….


10 thoughts on “Jeans to Bag

  1. love it :)Why don’t you crochet some some flowers/granny squares and attach them too ?I really like my things from old jeans… so far i made lots of denim hearts and birds in a chain (still ongoing project!), coasters, table mats, cushion covers and a phone pouch. I’m currently turning old jeans into a skirt.


  2. isnt it incredibly rewarding re- using old clothing, I always get such a kick out of it, if it were mine I would add some doodle stitching, just to make it look more on purpose, great stuff……tina


  3. no not a pro – I wish !! – I m a very novice sewer, knitter, crocheter (is that even a word!) i love making things, but everything I make needs to be easy ( lack of talent) and quick (lack of attention span!) I love making things from re used fabric and as their of a 6 of us here there is always a pair of jeans that someone has grown out of or worn out just waiting to to become something else! Also can’t afford to buy lots of nice pretty fabric ! ;)love the idea of doodle stitching, and also have you thought about DOILIES!! go on rock the granny chic look 😉


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