Back to Basics


I have been on the spinning wheel again. I can’t say I’ve ‘got it’, but at least it’s taking less time to get going, and longer to mess up. I guess that’s progress?

To be honest, I think the wheel needs some screws tightening (don’t we all) and I need to make consistent effort in making time to practice. But the other day I got a bit fed up with it all going more wrong than right (I really think I’m going to be one of those people unable to DO spinning, if indeed such people exist. Which they do now) so reverted to old faithful… my drop spindle.

Now I don’t want you all running away with the idea that I’m an expert at this either. Oh no. I’m pretty much useless at this too, but it’s easy to pick up and easy to put away and such a little effort goes a long way.


I am still keeping my hopes high that one day, through persistent stubbornness, I will ‘get’ this. That something will ‘click’. That one day I too shall rank among the alchemists that can turn raw fluff into yarn and thus supply my insane yarn addiction.

Other spinners keep telling me to keep practising and it WILL come. But honestly? I think that’s just what they say so they can make their excuses and run to the hills as they marvel at how one woman can be SO clueless…

I’ll keep trying… *sigh*

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3 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. Oh I used to cry at my wheel. I kept persisting and I kept crying. I was so certain that since women had been doing it forever that I should be able to figure it out. It wasn’t until I found (through my dentist of all places) a local woman that gave lessons. All I needed was 60 minutes in her presence and I got the gist of it enough to make yarn. The other five lessons were gravy. I’ve almost been spinning for a decade now. You’ll get there. Give yourself time. Once you get the feel for it, you’ll know it and you’ll be a spinning fool like the rest of us.


  2. Have you tried anyone else’s wheel? I thought i was useless and could only spin massive slubby stuff til I spoke to a spinner who let me go on her wheel and I realised the tension of mine was totally off! Its not necessarily my fault after all! Having said that i haven’t got it sorted out yet so who knows. ;)Laura xx


  3. My wheel didn’t please another spinner who virtually took it apart… Not sure at what point to blame the wheel and at what point to blame me! I am going to keep plugging away at it til I get it … I’m just not convinced its going to be anytime soon….


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