The Way We Play








Sometimes, when the planets are aligned just so, I find the boys playing like this – the way I imagined they would and should play when I was new to this parenting gig. Before the brain damage had been wrought. I find them making stories up, imagining new worlds, co-operating, on the verge of singing an a capella version of Kum By Ah and generally being the Waldorfy Free Range homeschooled free spirited geniuses I thought they would be.

And then they get a clue and go back to normal.

But while it lasts, it’s a wonderful wonderful couple of hours…

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13 thoughts on “The Way We Play

  1. <3!!! Exactly! What a lovely castle! Do your boys play Castle logix? I find it a very good game. My boys play it a lot – the older one less now when he has found chess. 🙂


  2. Oooh, really like these amazing toys! Where is that wooden alphabet tray & set from? The amazing brotherly moments are meant to be fewer, so you appreciate them more! Sounds good anyway… 🙂


  3. They have loads of fun til they realise they’re having fun then they pretend they’re bored….Alphabet Montessori thing from an ebayer in Singapore. Long story but good value 🙂


  4. Oh I SO get you! If it goes quiet in the other room I tiptoe in expecting to find them UP TO NO GOOD (you know, that sort that makes Mama go red in the face and have steam coming out her ears)but sometimes, I will find something like this going on! So I tiptoe out again and hope it lasts. They usually lapse back into their usual sibling squabbling ways but its nice to know they CAN play like that.Love your toys btw. We have Ostheimer animals but both the boys are vehicle freaks. We have some lovely wooden vehicles, but they also love playmobil and lego duplo. I like a nice mix of wooden and hight quality plastic toys.


  5. Yes when they go quiet I get worried…. Mine are firm Lego freaks now. I don’t mind, they come out with some amazing creations. But I do love to see people play with these wooden toys.


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