It’s a Start….




A small, imperfect start. But a start none-the-less. Because I made a pinky promise.

*** *** ***


13 thoughts on “It’s a Start….

  1. Looking good! Every journey begins with that first step and you are doing it! Imagine what your yarn will look like a month from now if you keep at it.I think the best piece of advice I got when learning to spin was ‘don’t try to control everything. You have to be fluid with your hands and the fiber. If you hold on too firmly, it doesn’t turn out.’That’s probably good advice for more things than spinning. 😉


  2. That’s the bit I’m finding hard! I seem to tense up and by the time I’ve figured out where my next piece of wool is the yarn is tightly wound I’m surprised the wheel doesn’t start spinning on its axis….


  3. Don´t give up. In finnish we have a proverb: Työ tekijäänsä neuvoo. The work will advise the one who does it. Spinning is one of those things. Your hands will learn and your brain will rest, I promise!


  4. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! You won’t believe this but I too have just acquired a spinning wheel and am learning to spin! You must visit: I am hoping to have lessons in July (May classes clashed with my first nursing placement) and until then, am relying on youtube for advice. There are some great tutorials out there. And on the weekend, my girl and I are visiting an Alpaca farm where we hope to buy a fleece – all fleeces come with an opportunity to pose with your fleece’s owner! We are very excited.


  5. I just KNEW you could do this:) Looking good…Now what is this about “Cleaning up crap all day??”Hope the boys are not sick..Your comment jumped out while I was reading Soulemama…I had to laugh a bit. You are SO…REAL! Well…anyway, good job with the spinning. I am quite laid stupid back. Again. I think I will do nothing all day, but lie on a bag of frozen peas, and knit…XXOO


  6. See if you just sat at home knitting all day you wouldn’t put your back out. Ouch. Hope it eases soon. Not a worse place to hurt. Yeah we’re all good….just a constant state of aggravated burglary and constant need to relocate crap from all over the house. And this constant rain means constant MUD. Gah….. Just tiny hou angst…. 😉


  7. Very clean pictures, im sure you will get it done. Someone once asked Hadhrat Ibraheem bin Adham (Allaah have mercy upon him) for advice. Come and have a look at “Six Habits”


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