Knick Knacks

What do you call ‘knick knacks’? Brikabrac? Ornaments? Crap that should be in landfill? Whatever it is called I sometimes look around and wonder where my minimalist aesthetic has gone to. I have knick knacks. Everywhere. Or, as they are sometimes called, dust magnets. Everywhere. And I’m getting to a point now where it is pointless to go thrifting, as I simply have no more room for any more forsaken souls. It is indeed a tragic state of affairs…











And the sideboard, the shelves, the tops of radiators for crying out loud…. all are full to over-flowing with knick knacks. And don’t even mention the Pyrex, oy vey. I did toy with the idea (after the shelf collapsed under their weight… oops) of doing a show and tell of my Pyrex obsession. But thought against it. Firstly, people may have assumed I was showing off (instead of crying for help), but secondly, I didn’t want hard evidence of my pathological collection. It ain’t just a river in Egypt. If I don’t admit it, it’s not real. We can still pretend it’s a few pieces or a small collection, instead of the insane all-consuming, shelf-destroying compulsion it really is.

Yes. Let’s just do that. And these dust-collecting knick knacks? That’s a normal part of everyday life too, right?

*** *** ***


6 thoughts on “Knick Knacks

  1. Oh what delightful knick knacks!!!! There is always room for one more, I say. ; )And that CH coffee pot…..holy smokes what a knick knack! I have CH envy!THe thing is…it all looks very cozy and artsy and lovely. So don’t stop. xo d


  2. I call it brikabrak, love that word. I too have far too much of it but love it all dearly, it makes a house a home right? Its cheap crap to most people, too cluttered for others, and for the good peeps is just far too much dunya, but its my weakness and it makes me happy so for now, it stays and it grows. I like having a muslimah companion in the brikabrak LOVE world!xx


  3. It’s inoffensive isn’t it? I men, we pay pennies and get a home out of it, hardly last of the big spenders. If I had more space I’d buy more to fill it… And I used to be so minimalist at one point….


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