Too Cold For Swimming








Water temperature screams APRIL but we’ve been enjoying a few weeks of summer this spring, and the sand and shore tell us gently to sit awhile, lay a blanket, take your time and enjoy the sun and some good food.

Oh yes, the first picnics of the year are well and truly on, and the beach bag lies ready by the back door for any impromptu day out. We have blankets, and sun cream, and flasks… all we need is the sun and a place to go.

I have so looked forward to these days… during the winter you forget that the sun heats your bones. As you struggle to keep warm your body forgets the easy heat of summer, heat that warms every molecule of you from the inside out. I have missed it, and am taking every opportunity to soak it all in.

So. Whenever the weather is ready, so are we…

Yes we are.

*** *** ***


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