From Where I Sit …









Some days, regardless of intention to the contrary when I awaken, simply slide into knitting days. There are minimal movements for the basics of food shovelling, dish washing, tea making and chocolate getting, but apart from those bare minimum requirements gloomy days are made bearable by parking my bum on the sofa, gathering my babes at my feet, and whittling the minutes away by knitting. All day.

Games, on the coffee table. Books, beside me. Tea, ever near. Chit-chatting, constant. Playing, on the floor or running around afore-mentioned coffee table.

And so it goes, from light to dark, from noon til dusk, a healthy dose of absolutely nothing to settle the nerves, calm the soul, connect with the babes and work on something warm on the To-Do pile.

And it may look like the most boring thing in the world to those looking in; in fact, it might look downright lazy. But lazy days with the babes beside me are sometimes the most rejuvenating, the most important, thing I can do as a mother. There really is no substitute for the time we spend with our children, is there?

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6 thoughts on “From Where I Sit …

  1. Really wonderful! My children really seem to settle in to calm themselves when I practice parking it.They kinda come alive gathering their precious tidbits around me, convincing me that smaller homes are cozier.


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