(this moment)


5 thoughts on “(this moment)

  1. Oh. What a milestone. My eldest is talking about losing a tooth frequently. He is pretty sure the Tooth Fairy is a gift giver. Hmmmm. I have to admit that part of what I love the most about your blog is seeing what your header will look like. Always gorgeous photos wih beautiful compositions. Nice work Debbie.


  2. He’s already lost his bottom two but this one is special, this is the one that makes him look like a pirate. Thanks for header love. I think the reason I change it so often is I don’t seem to get what I’m after. Nice to change with the seasons too though 🙂


  3. Definitely like a pirate!I agree that your headers are lovely – I want to sort mine out but can’t because my old lappy died and my dad gave me this one (his old one) and I can’t find the discs for my photo editor 😦


  4. I just use Paint to stick the images together then Picnik for everything else! He’s in mourning for his tooth today and placed it in his museum exhibition because ‘this toof is my best friend. We did EVERYFINK together….’


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