It’s Time…



It’s time. Time to start buying in the compost, digging out the soil block maker, getting the seeds sorted and the allotment plan pencilled in. It’s time. My potatoes tell me so….

*** *** ***


8 thoughts on “It’s Time…

  1. Ooo our spuds are looking like that too! We are planting most at the allotment but I am doing a few in a tub on the patio because the kids adored digging the potatoes our last year, they were so excited it was like they were digging for treasure!


  2. I cannot wait to get my hands into the soil again! Soon… but not soon enough. We still have the rest of this month before I can be sure of no more snow. I’d love to try potatoes this year! I could see how Linzi said her kids thought it was like “digging for treasure”~ I remember that from my childhood days. Have fun preparing your garden!


  3. Are those fresh eggs in the top photo? I heard they’re tho only kind you can keep outside the fridge. I’d love to have access to them; like you I, too, dream of life on a farm 🙂


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