Knitting Woes and Highs



You may recall seeing last week, and indeed several weeks beforehand if you have a beady eye, some lovely mustard-coloured yarn on the sticks. I was working on designing a new pattern for sale. That little project was sailing along nicely until I tried to order a couple more skeins in the same colourway to finish it off only to be told it wasn’t being made any more *insert one of those needle-scratches-off-the-record-to-dead-silence noises* – I beg your pardon? Why did you fail to mention that those skeins I ordered were the last on earth?? And so in a mad flurry of ‘it’ll be alright on the night’ I purchased some more yarn in a slightly different colourway, because I was hoping, in some weird twisted way that they would match.

They didn’t. They complimented each other rather nicely, but I did not envisage a rather large stripe along the bottom on my new creation. Of course, what I really need is another large batch of yarn in one colour, to start and finish the new pattern properly. I don’t have the cash for that right now. So what does any grown woman do when things don’t go her way? She sulks. Of course.



But rather than letting that niggle spoil my evening, I grabbed a new pattern – and every left-over ball of yarn I have – and began a very satisfying project – The Scrap Cardigan. I’ve made one of these before; it is an incredibly easy knit – mindless, even. (I know that should be ‘mindful’, but it really isn’t).





It is very stripey, ironically, given that it was because I *didn’t* want stripes in a project that I began this one. But the midget will love that – he loves stripes, because ‘it makes me look like I’ve just broken out of jail’… *shrugs*… when you’re six and a half that’s a *good* thing. Apparently.

I am enjoying this knit, in fact I can’t put it down. And that’s really what it’s all about, because like the ladies say, “knitting is spozed to be fun”. Amen.

And the best part of all in this knitting fiasco? I have four skeins of complimentary-coloured yarn to now knit something else just for me.

I think that’s what they call a win-win situation.

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2 thoughts on “Knitting Woes and Highs

  1. I had an similar moment this autum. I am working (extremely slowly) on a cardigan in tunisian crochet for myself. The back was ready and I was half way trough the left front when a look in the yarn shops plasticbag gave me a fringht: only 3 balls left. There was no more of that colour in the shop. In no other shop either. Quietly i put the work and the left of the yarn on the upper shelf for a period of mourning. It is impossible to unravel that yarn…2 months later I happened to go to a normal grocery store on the other side of town. I never go there normally, but I needed some snacks for a meeting. Suddenly I saw 10 balls of the same yarn and color on a shelf in the back of the shop! 🙂


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