In the Middle of the Making







Starting, planning, hoping and envisaging are all part of the process of making. Sometimes I think it’s the best part; once the item is made there can be disappointment, or an anti-climax, or even a sense of ‘what now’. But before the nadir of the making process is reached, the envisaging stage happily keeps my brain purring along, stops it oozing out of my earholes from utter boredom.

I have lists of things I envisage, some of which are pipe-dreams, but so long as that list exists I am happy.

Right in the middle of the process – that’s where I am at my happiest….

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7 thoughts on “In the Middle of the Making

  1. Well I was going to make some ‘boxes’ for the boys for all their toys to go under their beds… we’ll see. maybe a quilt instead! you can never have too many blankets, right??


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