The boys have been making their own candles. We made some for the solstice and we’re pretty much addicted to how easy they are.

I also have some molds for making tapered candles for the dinner table. We only ever use beeswax for our candles now – smokeless flames, a honey scent and the purifying nature of a burning weeswax candle means that we hardly ever use other types at all. I do love everything about beeswax – especially the colour. I dream of the day that my own bees will provide some of the wax for our use (dream on, I know). You never know…


For now we are content to buy the sheets and roll our own, or melt and pour and wait for the wax to set. It’s like a little bit of magic, really – from nothing to something useful, something beautiful. And in this gloomy weather just the right thing to add a splash of beauty to our days too.

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3 thoughts on “Candles

  1. Me too:) I plan on making some new candles soon from the wax left over from all of the holiday candles I purchased!! Just need a little free time…We made these rolled beeswax once..but, I never burned them!!! They look so pretty. My little grandaughter was here for a visit when we made them, so I just keep them on my dresser:)


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