The Best time for Birdwatching…









It’s freezing, oh my goodness, it really is. However, with no leaves on the trees and hungry tummies tempted to the free food in front of the hides, it is an excellent time for bird watching out there in the forest. It is also a good time for me to think about zoom lenses…. really need something better than this 18-55mm VR lens… Picnik can only do so much…

We have all the books, the binoculars, the interest and the view… apart from thermal underwear and a flask of coffee, what more could a girl want…

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3 thoughts on “The Best time for Birdwatching…

  1. Oh, I like the second pic, because it gives me an idea how to feed the little birds without to watch out the big birds, who eats all away. The left feeding-“cage” looks ugly,but serves its purpose…I often wonder how the animals are outside, especially at night, stand it. Or the ducks in freezing water, argh!Good night!


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