Getting Organised



Can there be a more uninspiring, dispiriting sight than that?! Tidy house, tidy mind in my opinion. I’ve been all over the place emotionally lately – can you tell? Yeah, so wanting to get back on track one way to sort the head out is to sort the house out…





Just having organised, neat, clean places to work has had the effect of reinvigorating my need to make things and to be creative. I feel like I want to make something everyday, just like the good old days. It has also made me feel like there might be some method in this madhouse, and that I might actually get my act together before the kids leave home…

Now if we could just afford to get the hoover fixed I might even be able to eradicate crunchy carpets too… I dream big dreams, people…

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4 thoughts on “Getting Organised

  1. This is the most satisfying thing I’ve seen in a long time! Order out of chaos! Lovely! I really need some shelves…I’m working out of plastic bags at the moment!


  2. Nooooo you need shelves – that little bedroom of yours would make an excellent workspace – I’ve even seen people make shelves out of those hang down canvas wardrobe things or shoe organisers. you cant work from bags…


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