Seasonal Living & Learning :: Still Pause

I’m waving the white flag. For reasons I don’t really want to dwell on here for their negativity I just want to admit that I’m not superwoman and I can’t do it all. Seasonal Living & Learning is going into hibernation for a while until I can work out something a little more workable than me running myself into the ground for nothing more than a mediocre result. I have high hopes for a reincarnation, until then, these images sum up what’s going on. I’m sure you get it.



Some refocussing going on.

Thanks, friends.

*** *** ***


10 thoughts on “Seasonal Living & Learning :: Still Pause

  1. A picture is worth a THOUSAND words!! These kiddos are SO needy! lol!:) When you do finish it, I am sure it will be wonderful!-Michaelanne


  2. I don’t know about ‘needy’ but these years are fleeting and they do need me to focus on them rather than brushing them off because I’m trying to be all things to all people. It’s all about priorities; sometimes I feel superhuman when I start my big ideas, then reality drags me under 😉


  3. Well done for knowing when to wave that flag…we don’t always recognise there are issues until the damage has already been done. Your boys will be grown and independant before you know it and then you can chase your rainbows at leisure [well almost]. I look forward to the reincarnation!


  4. I feel you sister. I have, too, tried to do sooo much only to realize that I had decided looong ago to focus on upbringing my children and make them a priority over all else; over all those things women, moms, are expected to do on top of being a full-time mom, home-maker and whatever else you call your job at home with young ones needing your full focus, attention, every other minute of their tender lives. Forgive my run-off sentence 🙂 I pray that this decision of yours brings you the peace you need and that when you do decide to do this whole thing again it is at the appropriate time.


  5. I too struggle with wanting to do something amazing and then realizing that I already am doing that – raising my two boys. It is so hard to find balance though. Hugs. Lisa L.


  6. Too much, too much. Been there. Feel for ya. I wrote a poem when I was young about losing myself under a pile of laundry. And then I learned, to lose myself in service to my family, was finding myself. Now they are gone and I get to do the things I longed to do for so long, I miss them terribly. I’d give up my ‘self’ again just to have them back!!! ; )xoxo d


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