Yarn Obsessions pt. 2






I’ve always got a stash of yarn, just like I’ve got a stash of fabric. There is nothing so disheartening as wanting to make something and not having anything to hand.

A lot of the yarn stash is sock yarn, and a lot is gifts from friends and family (love you!), but last week after my moan about not being able to afford yarn I was very naughty and just bought some to cheer myself up. I can’t quite remember the justification process but by the end of all my self talk I was quite convinced yarn was absolutely necessary and I went straight ahead and picked some Cascade 220 to finish off another UFO floating around my WIP pile, and a couple skeins of Louet Riverstone in ‘Mustard’.

I admit it; I was sold on the name – the colour on the monitor looked to be juuuust what I wanted… but turns out they meant Dijon and not English. Hm.

Never one to be deterred in matters of fabric or yarn, I have my eyes on some Quince & Co in honey, or if I suddenly come into money, some Madelinetosh Prairie in Candlewick (could this finally be the colour I have been searching for?).

But until then I will work the yarn I have and make a concerted effort to like it. Despite my picky colour nature I’m sure that won’t be at all hard…

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