Yarn Obsessions



I am itching for knitting time. I do try to knit whenever there is a spare moment, but there is one drawback to knitting (for me) – my reach exceeds my grasp, or something like that. I cannot afford the yarn I would happily spend my winter munching through.

I have lists of things I would happily knit – people I would happily for. But I have to use my pennies wisely and pick my projects with one eye on my paypal balance (£0.00 in case you were wondering…)

And to top it all off, the yarn I do have on these sticks I’m not even liking all that much. I don’t like green things on me so why did I buy it this spruce colour at all?? I don’t know.

I really have to learn to spin. Soon.

What’s on your sticks these days?

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11 thoughts on “Yarn Obsessions

  1. Assalamu alaikum, the colour is beautiful…Insha’Allah you will fall in love with it once you are wearing it! I have nothing on my sticks! Waiting for the inside temperatures, even with AC on, to drop below 30 before I can even think about wool in my hands! I so miss the crafting therapy! Wish I could zip over and get you started with spinning…so easy once you get the rhythm going. Insha’Allah follow up with a Spinners and Weavers group if you are not progressing alone with it :)I keep marvelling at the amazing progress you have made with all things crafty in such a short space of time 🙂 Masha’Allah!Wassalamu alaikum


  2. assalamu alaikumYes its the rhythm! apparently I have none! went for a lesson with a spinner who was getting quietly irritated by my lack of co-ordination… wish you lived near by!


  3. I think this green is quite lovely! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you’re making there!I have a few projects going, slippers and a scarf for gifting and there’s a vest for me too (last one to be picked up because it’s such a long, big project, it seems).Happy knitting!


  4. I like the color. I have been drooling over a natural pigment called maya blue, almost the same color. I shall get some as soon as I know what I need it for. ;)http://www.naturalpigments.com/detail.asp?PRODUCT_ID=417-16BOn my sticks I have a “lacy baktus” shawl from black merino. Maybe it should be called lazy baktus, I started abou a year ago… :/


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