Scenes From My Kitchen













Oh this small, dark, gloomy, cramped kitchen of mine. This small, cosy, warm, busy kitchen that is the heart of our home.

We dance around each other like ballerinas, or perhaps Morris Dancers, reaching for shelves, stirring a pot, finding the apple corer, grabbing a bowl. And somehow, we make it work.

It’s not perfect and like you I dream of better – a whole kitchen just for cooking with the dining in a whole different room?? Crazy dreams.

But from our kitchen this week ::

:: Lots of organic vegetables cunningly disguised so my carnivores might ingest something other than meat.

:: Broccoli soup? Yes! Yum!

:: Kale quiche.

:: Vegetable lasagne – I had no idea carrots could be so versatile…

:: Apple crumble. Apple pie. Apple tart. Apple.

:: Homemade sweeties – they make their own and that’s OK with me

:: Roast dinners. Very necessary.

:: Spaghetti Bolognese – how much mess can children make… give them a plate of spaghetti and find out!

:: And the never-ending basics of scones, biscuits and granola…

… they all somehow manage to get churned out of this little, tiny, dark, cramped space as we work together to make it happen.

Have any recipes you’d care to share?

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7 thoughts on “Scenes From My Kitchen

  1. Oh this year was a wash-out what with Dad getting sick, then dying, then having to be with Mum a lot – by the time the dust settled the growing season was in full swing. Managed to get potatoes, onion, and we put the rest of the food in the garden to make it easier to tend (allotment is a drive away). So we got apples, plums, cabbages and beans. Crossing fingers for next growing season insha’allah…. or maybe a farm by then?? (make dua!)


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