Strawberry fields forever

















We usually go for corn in October. Maybe pumpkins, depending on whether we have decided to ‘like’ them this year. But we found ourselves this past weekend picking strawberries instead. In a heatwave. In the sunblasted landscape of the farm. An anachronism amplified by the crazy long shadows usually associated with early evening in summer or, uh, October mid-day as we wrap up with hats and scarves.

Chatting with the farmer this is the first year in his forty years of farming that they’ve ever offered strawberries so late. And my mother informs me up north they’ve had rain. Of course. And maybe even snow will fall at the end of this week. The farmer and I agree – something’s broken, surely?

Embracing the season we are in, whatever that happens to throw at us, we have been enjoying the Indian Summer as hard as we can – road trips, beach trips, days out, and pool play.

Next week corn should be ready, and if this weather persists it will be the only year in my life so far that I have been able to pick corn and berries on the same day.

And happy as I am to have summer back, I can’t help but feel a little worried too…

The harvest bushel bag’s (seen above) pattern can be found in the first edition of Seasonal Living and Learning. Out now.

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2 thoughts on “Strawberry fields forever

  1. Gah! It’s wierd! I’m in Yorkshire and the weather is warm – so warm that a few days ago, a couple of hours on the allotment felt like a whole day and my friend and I were exhausted – it was like gardening in July and the ground was so dry (ok, admittedly because I really should water more down there…I have heard that we’re supposed to be in for snow at the end of the month though.


  2. I know what you mean about enjoying it with a dash of worry. We have been soaking up this sun and warmth, but it has me a tad unsettled for the impact this may have down the road on everything else.


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