Wool Season








In my hands, around my neck, over my arms: wool. It consumes my crafting moments, it fills my head by burrowing into the part of the ‘Mama brain’ core to urge me to plan more knits, more woollens, more warmth.

When I sleep I dream in yarn weight and wake to thoughts of new projects.

And this year I must. learn. to. spin.

I do declare it’s open season on knitting.

*** *** ***


12 thoughts on “Wool Season

  1. Yeah, I have a wheel, and I have tried, but I think I need a more consistent approach to it – this year has been off kilter, so hopefully be able to settle down this winter and really give it 100% concentration!


  2. I Can’t KNIT! There..I said it!! I feel like everyone is in the groove but me! lol:) I love the color of your scarf! Good luck learning to spin:) I’ll be sitting at my sewing machine:)


  3. I don’t know how I’m to fit spinning in either, but that said, little by little and you never know!You CAN knit, anyone can – if you want to that is! But I agree, sewing machines make just as good companions as needles…


  4. I just recently got back into knitting after taking the crochet detour a few years back. Now I want to knit knit knit but i am really lacking in knowledge aside from your basic k2p2 talk. Like there are some AMAZING “mermaid gloves” I really want to make for myself but the directions are just straight chinese, or wingding, or something. And I couldn’t have wool anything because it is not machine washable. with my two chitlens under 4, hand-washing is not an option!


  5. I’ve been knitting a gator (I moved it to the top of the list, I couldn’t wait any longer). We drove to the pond yesterday for a paddle, with the air con and sunglasses on and I’m knitting winter warmers…


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