Bonkers for Conkers












One of the many delights on our nature walks at this time of year is the many, many things we find that we want to bring home with us – nuts, seeds, leaves, and of course, conkers.

Like precious stones, or pebbles on a beach, each one is declared even more beautiful than the one before and not one can be left behind. All are collected and stored.

For a while they adorn our nature table and research table, and hopefully later on in the season we will go and share them with the local deer as we watch their annual rut.

There is so much colour everywhere right now. It is never a chore to go hunting for just a few more things for our studies… have I mentioned how much I love autumn? I do. I really do.

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2 thoughts on “Bonkers for Conkers

  1. Conkers now fill carrier bags here! I’ve also found a pretty idea for acorn caps – painting them inside with gold or silver to thread for bracelets and necklaces.You can make a gel out of conkers – I collected some for a friend who is making some up for varicose veins and the like.


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