Seasonal Living & Learning Issue 1 :: OUT NOW

issue 1

Oh. My. Goodness. Oh my word, what technical difficulties have beset me this last week. I honestly don’t know which end is up right now – so many platforms and software and conversions. I give up. All I can say is :: I start small and aim high. Let’s see where this things leads, shall we?

So the first edition of Seasonal Living & Learning is LIVE. I know, that sounds so important, doesn’t it? I’m excited to start something so close to my heart, and I’m happy to start it in this season.

Autumn has to be my favourite season of all. There is so much colour, so much beauty. All those golds, yellows, fiery oranges and brazen reds, smouldering from one side of the tree to the other until the canopy on the horizon looks to be almost on fire.

There is also much busyness in preparing for the coming months regarding canning, and putting by. This season can be defined by its underlying message of ‘getting ready to hunker down’.

My mind turns to the home once again after a season of outdoor living. I seek the warmth, the cosiness of home, trying to find a new rhythm of togetherness after having so much space in summer. I contemplate the winter woollens that I need to knit; the winter blankets I need to wash and get ready; the autumn recipes I need to dig out.

A new season is upon us, and as we seek the autumn rhythm in our homes, let’s seek it together, shall we?

In this issue there are knitting patterns, sewing patterns, recipes and activities for the whole family. There is something for you all to bring a seasonal rhythm into your lives.

I admit that I wanted to do more, offer more, make it bigger and better, and I hope that this ambition sees the ezine go from strength to strength, but for now I offer the first edition at a special introductory price of £1.75 (thereafter £2.50).

You can buy a copy here at Seasonal Living & Learning Store or leave a comment here for your chance to win a copy!




For this giveaway ONE lucky person has the chance to win a copy of the first issue FREE as well as a complimentary pack of Seasonal Living & Learning postcards in a rustic bag (also available in the shop to buy).

If you would like to enter this giveaway leave a comment below. Comments will be open until Monday (London time) morning.

Until then, please visit the blog for more information!

Edit :: oh I am reading every comment and wanting to answer but leaving my own voice out to make the draw less complicated – love your thoughts and kind words. As always. xo


14 thoughts on “Seasonal Living & Learning Issue 1 :: OUT NOW

  1. Masha Allah. You know, I grew up in a rural area and from the age of 17 I ran away, desperate to live the city life. Now, at 24 (almost 25) I am feeling nearly the opposite. Blame it on reading “The Quest for the Simple Life” (a witty little read in the free Kindle books section) in which the author expounds on the death of the soul in the suburbs, the hazy, stale air that fills the mind of a city-dweller. As I am growing into my twenties, I feel more and more of a need to settle down, grow roots, live “seasonally” as you say. I want to plant a garden and can things and milk goats and the like. (yeah…goats. also read “The Eve Tree” by Rachel Devenish Ford, a.k.a. “Journey Mama” on blogger. the main characters gave up their seaside surfing life for a ranch in northern california which was own by the two generations previous to the main characters..all because the husband believed the rhythms of life on a farm would be good for his mildly psychotic wife…)My point? I want this life! The author of “The Quest…” would call it “earth-hunger”. I am moving to Egypt soon and just begged my husband last night to find me a tiny little house in his village as opposed to a cramped apartment in the city. ha ha.oh, and. Can I please be entered into the drawing for the free copy?


  2. Thiis is amazing! I hope it goes well for you and I wish you all the success with your wonderful venture. I would love to win! and can’t wait to see the tutorials in your ezine.


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