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22lbs of jam hot off the stove, bursting out of the little cupboard designed to hold our stock of home made jars. And we still haven’t been blueberry picking yet! And then there are the apples to make room for!

Seriously. We have jam. Why not make some for yourself too!

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8 thoughts on “Jam

  1. Jam making (and lemon curd) is one of my all time favourite things to do. I’ve made loads from the garden already and have more stuff on the way. I made chutney last year as well and that was good. Oh, and cranberry sauce at Christmas! Any excuse to get the pans out.


  2. It will keep us going, probably MORE than a year.I do enjoy making things to put by but it’s like a military operation when I do large batches. Wanted to make blueberry jam this year but honestly dont think we’ve got room for any… *sulks*It does look rather nice all piled up doesnt it 🙂


  3. I knew it was wrong of me to keep recycling all those jars. Gah! I could also have a cupboard brimming with bounty right now!Out of interest, and being the tight…ahem…thrifty sort, how much did your haul of plums cost you at the PYO? Just wondering what the net cost of a decade’s worth of plum jam is 🙂


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