Squeezing Out Summer

















For one reason or another, this year has really been messed up emotionally for us, and this in turn has had an effect on the rhythm of our year.

In most years summer is a time of ease and relaxation; a time to exhale and kick back and soak it all up before the weather changes, life gets a bit harder when winter looms. This year I feel as though I’ve been catching my breathe and being stressed out and worried and anxious and sad a long time.

As such I’ve got to this point in the year where I feel ready for summer, and…. it’s effectively over! Gah! Playing catch up and squeezing out the last drops of summer, feeling the ease and enjoying the sun. And appreciating a roasting day at the shore, against all advice of the weather forecasts!

I’m not done with summer yet!

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4 thoughts on “Squeezing Out Summer

  1. I have had a very difficult year as well. My problems are not yet resolved and I find it almost impossible to relax, I don’t even sleep well.I’m glad you are more settled and that you feel like taking on life a bit more now.Jealous of your wonderful day at the beach, looks perfect (and knitting as well!), lovely day here today despite the forecasters’ doom.


  2. The aftermath of Dad’s death was probably even more stressful than the actual illness etc. Peoples’ worlds came crashing down. Sleeping was a big issue for me too – I went through a phase of not sleeping for two weeks, like my body had forgotten how to… hope your problems ease soon.And that day was forecasted to be horrible, but we chanced it anyway and wow, what a scorcher!xx


  3. Debbie..I am glad that you found some peace today! The loss of a parent lasts forever..Be well..Enjoy the warm breezes of summer:) Your children look so happy..and nothing is better for the spirit than sunshine, fresh air, and a little crafting!! 🙂


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