Knitting Season



After months of the weather being just too hot for knitting, this week my mind has turned again towards this gentle craft. Thoughts for winter warmers that I know will be needed all too soon play on my mind. Enjoying a quiet five minutes with the needles is something that brings me such satisfaction, and to know I’m also going some way to warm my family? Well, that makes me feel vindicated in taking a five minute break – because, you know, I’m working at the same time, right?

On the sticks right now is an autumn hat pattern I’m trying to draw up. Ripped out twice – wish me luck for this time round!


And you? Have you started any crafts for the coming season yet?

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9 thoughts on “Knitting Season

  1. I’m nearing completion on a wool-alpaca blend vest (for me). It should be done in the next few days. I’m also working on three pairs of wool socks. I think a cowl might be on the knitting horizon, too.


  2. I have been feeling it too…the urge to knit jumpers, hats and socks as well as snuggle up on the sofa under a patchwork quilt. I often feel guilty for wishing the summer away, but I love the cosiness winter brings. But then by Feb I will be longing for warmer and longer days again!My first knit project is underway, the tea leaves cardigan on ravelry (are you on there?)Then I need to knit a pair of socks for littlest, and some lacy knee high ones for me!


  3. Mmm alpaca. I had some yarn that was wool, alpaca and mohair and it was the softest thing I ever knit with. And I dont remember the name of it – so annoying. Beautiful stuff.I love autumn, I try to enjoy summer and squeeze the last few drops out of it, but I’m like you Linzi, I love cozying. Not much good in the heat, and much prefer crispy, fresh weather any day.Yes I’m on Ravelry, Qalballah there too. Havent knit socks in a while. They dont seem to hold up to much wear, so I compromise with leg warmers!


  4. The temperature has shifted here – it’s cooler in the evenings and gets darker just a wee bit earlier. The itch to sit and knit has come! I’m working on one sweater, one cardigan, and one pair of socks!


  5. i just bought my first set of dpns, and i’m working on a cowl for my daughter. my goal is to make myself a sweater or shirt this year. i’m still working on mastering a few basic techniques and i’ve got two weeks before the fall semester begins for me, so i’m on a mission. 🙂 yes, i love that it means making my family warm. i love this.


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