Apples for Crumble…










Days are beginning to merge into one as Ramadan rolls on; we live for iftar with as much mindful living as we can.

We fill our weekend with games, reading, playing and, for ’tis the season for it, apple crumble with whipped cream!

Our apples are still reddening up on the tree, and soon, insha’allah, they too will be made into pies and crumbles. And as much as I look forward to the coming season, I do so want to hold onto this one as much as possible!

What was your weekend like?

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6 thoughts on “Apples for Crumble…

  1. We love apple pie, and make it lots in the autumn when the apples are more affordable.. no such extravagance as Whipped or any other cream in Algeria…homemade custard for us, or ice-cream… can’t beat good comfort food can you?


  2. Delia Smith has revealed to me the secrets of Cobbler. Last night’s concoction? Apple, Pear and Blackberry Cobbler. Apples and pears from my garden, blackberries (so fragrant when really ripe) from my mum’s. I’m too lazy to make custard, but Cobbler comes with some juice (or should that be jus?) in the bottom of the fruit – just pour it over the scone-like topping…yum!


  3. We reckon it’s Chantilly Cream that’s needed…cream sweetened with a little melted sugar and vanilla essence 🙂 You’re right, it would be a crime to have all that virtuous fruit with no….er….embellishment!!!


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