Sow it Grows…









It’s hardly the seven acres of land and the self-sufficient smallholding I dream (and dream!) of, but I cannot tell you how even the little we manage to grow in our back garden brings such sweet joy and salve to my soul.

There is something so fundamentally human about growing and tending. It nourishes at the primal level of our very being. To go out into the garden, to prune, tweak, water, nip, sow, plan – goodness, it’s like a workout for the spirit, and it never, ever fails to centre me.

I am always amazed when I see something grow and give fruit, so to speak. It has been very satisfying to see things that were sown and planted months (even years!) ago now beginning to swell and plump up. Sometimes when planning to invest in future food (especially fruit!) it can often seem such a looooong wait for the reward, but oh when the reward comes it is so worth the wait, the patience, the tending…

I goto bed tired after a day in the garden, but it is a happy tired, and even though I might not haven eaten, I feel so full.

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9 thoughts on “Sow it Grows…

  1. Dito! We have just a terrace and almost no sun at all, but to see everything grow is balm for the soul. My husband often say “don’t spend to much of your free time with that”, but it is like meditation I think, I don’t like to know, how it would be to have an own garden ;D heheheBut yesterday we ate our first tomato (I know just a litle thing…) and he said, now he know why…Are there plums on the 3. photo? Oh, and you have blueberries <3<3<3I wish you a great and sunny “full” day!


  2. Oh I hope you get a garden!! Yes, only a few plums this year (it was a nice surprise as we were supposed to get any for years!) and a few blueberries too with big plans for more!


  3. Oh, thanks for sharing. I feel your joy! I grow in my drive way and I’m so amaze even at the few beans that I get! Happy planting. I want to see more pictures of your garden and your set up in garden!!!!!Sonya


  4. Mmmm. how true. My husband and I are getting really jived about the idea of a small holding—even though here in Canada we have supposedly have access to vast wildernesses! I just came across your blog; it’s lovely! I feel like I want to have a cup of tea with you and talk about so many things!


  5. Hopefully more about our garden and allotment when the harvest comes in? Yes?Oh a cup of tea and a natter about all things that matter. That would be nice. If I ever get my farm, and if you’re ever in the area it’s a date!I find it soothing just to go *stare* at the things growing – you can find me hunched by the tomatoes plants or sitting next to our peas just marvelling at them. It’s nothing short of miraculous, really.


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