Our Garden :: From Outside to Inside







What is YOUR garden growing?

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9 thoughts on “Our Garden :: From Outside to Inside

  1. I’m growing cucumbers, beans, parsley and basil this summer. Not much room for flowers as I have a tiny wee backyard and do all my gardening in containers. I do have a chrysanthemum plant given by a friend which adorns my front porch. As for indoor flowers, whatever weeds my kids collect and gift me with is what I keep in a glass for a few days, I do love those the most 😉


  2. courgettes are a huge success, but cucumbers the opposite! Trying to be patient with the tomatoes-I keep peeping at them, hoping they’ll start to ripen! it’s really not warm enough here in Sweden. Runner beans have got flowers.Lots of potatoes, beetroot, mangold and my Sweet peas are just about flowering- they do smell gorgeous don’t they!


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