In Gratitude :: Ten Things

Sometimes when we feel it least we should seek to find things to be grateful for more, not just to acknowledge it, but to feel it, to truly force ourselves into choosing gratitude regardless of circumstance.

This week I have been feeling challenged, ungrateful, frustrated, and on top of that I have also dropped down a dose on my ADs. So add to that mix ‘depressed’ too. Yeah, it’s sure been a barrel of fun around here recently.

So as an exercise in preserving not only my sanity, but my sense of precariously balanced perspective, I give you :: my meditation list of things to be grateful for…


1 :: Having some clean, peaceful corners to truly relax in


2 :: Brainless crafting for simple pleasure


3 :: A scone recipe I finally like! Yes! Coming Soon insha’allah…


4 :: Playing with fabric


5 :: Gaming with the babes


6 :: Watching the games they play without me


7 :: Cold, fizzy, elderflower. You don’t need alcohol to appreciate a quiet five minutes…


8 :: My inventors and their inventions (a tank gun barrel. I’m so proud *ahem*)


9 :: Being surrounded by happy little people

10 :: And YOU, of course! For the people who take the time to write me, comment, soothe my worries and ask how I am. I am always grateful for friends.

And you? What ten things are you grateful for right now?

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9 thoughts on “In Gratitude :: Ten Things

  1. “This week I have been feeling challenged, ungrateful, frustrated, ” Ikwym! 10 things…. my partner, children, friends, a car so we get out, a home, the garden, being able to watch my children grow, my kindle, crochet and chocolate!Love your crochet btw – lovley colours. hope you are o.k


  2. I am grateful for:sunshine on my face during this green green spring, my Cally kitty who loves me and keeps me company during times of solitude, my Heavenly Father who cares about me (and you…) and answers my prayers with His bountiful hand, Kashi products..especially the dark chocolate chip cookies,music: 50’s and 60’s jazz, Brazilian jazz, Chopin, Mahler, Vivialdi, etc…..,hugs, color, mid-century design, my computer, my children, family, friends, my jobs, that my husband is getting better, (is this more than 10??), you and my daily glimpse into your beautiful world of color, family, grey couch with yellow pillows (sigh…love it), and your beautiful children. You are an inspiration, my dear. You are probably TIRED!!!! ; )


  3. Having been very ill in the past I’m not being facetious when I say I’m grateful for every day. I’m definitely a glass half full person, though sometimes it’s not easy.Connect four is a fab game, we play it at school when the kids are very stressed-out. That and chess are very calming games.


  4. Yes sometimes when I am in extra bitch mode I remember the years I was incapacitated with illness and suddenly everything else seems so trivial. Yes ever ounce of energy is more than enough to be grateful for.An Islamic saying says, even ‘thankyou’ deserves a ‘thankyou’ since we had been give the power to say it in the first place…


  5. Being grateful is so important. Simplest things brings great pleasures. Your boys are so happy playing together. Why are you dropping down on the ADs when you are not feeling so good? ADs helps many of my friends. I hope you are having a much better day!Sonya


  6. I took ADs primarily for PND/PPD with the midget. But rather than depression I had other symptoms one of which was severe vertigo. I’ve been on them four years now, and I think my body is strong enough now to fly solo insha’allah. I don’t really recommend ADs for people with issues that therapy would be better suited for, and we all have bad days, so even though my life can take nose-dives (like everyone’s can) so long as the body copes I think it’s time to call it a day.xx


  7. Islam, family, friends, food, shelter, health, a car, my sewing machine, quiet time, literacy.From your newest post it looks like you had a nice outing at the zoo?May Allah comfort you in those moments when things seem not to be going the way you’d like them. Turn to Him with your heart in your hands and he will not disappoint you.By the way, this was an amazing idea. To sit down and just think and type ten things I’m grateful for makes me realize that the things that bother me are so tiny in the grand scale.


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