The No Quilt Quilt Update :: DONE!

Remember these humble beginnings? Well, it is DONE!

This vintage fabric, crazy hobo quilt was easy as pie – each block was first pieced, then quilted individually, then sewed together into rows, then each row sewed to each other til the top was complete.

To finish the quilt I added another vintage bedsheet as the backing, tied into place and finished by sewing the binding on the front and hand sewing the back.



I’m not so sure as whether I love it, but it IS colourful! And interesting! And crazy granny chic with a mad glint in her eye. And if nothing else it has renewed my interest in quilting again.





Crazy, mad lady quilt…

*** *** ***


17 thoughts on “The No Quilt Quilt Update :: DONE!

  1. Hello!You introduced me to the overseas buying of fabric (thank you!) and I wondered if you knew that the £18 limit was reducing to £15 come November? Just thought I’d let you know in case you were unaware!x


  2. That is one awesome quilt! I also collect old bed sheets and hope to make something out of them some day. I do not have your patience for quilting, so it will not be a lovely as yours. I love the pastel loveliness of it!Well done, crazy lady! ; )


  3. Argg! For some reason my comment got lost as I was posting it.Amazing quilt mashAllah. I have been thinking on getting some books on quilting. Is there any you would recommend?Maybe you can sell the pattern and instructions for this one. If it’s suitable for beginners I’d buy it 😉


  4. thankyou, thankyou, quilting :: if you can sew two pieces of fabric together you can quilt. Just remember you need a walking foot for your machine.£15??! pah


  5. Don’t know if I have a walking foot…. and at the moment I can’t find my sewing machine. (How do you lose a machine???) Anyway, love the quilt and the fact you’ve used what looks like sheeting. I have some rather groovy brown 70s pillowcases…


  6. this is stunning, and you should love it! It is exactly what a quilt is supposed to be…all scrappy and recycled…i love how you have quilted the squares as you went…so much easier than trying to wrestle with a whole quilt under a domestic sewing machine! i have been wanting to make a quilt with some of my vintage linens and you have just supplied the inspiration!! well done you ;P


  7. Ah thankyou dearest 🙂 bias binding – either really – if you want it to match the fabrics closely then people tend to make their own. Also can work out cheaper. I buy my ready made from the market and it works out cheap as chips.


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