Getting there…





Well growing season is in full swing here. The seeds are doing well masha’allah, and as well as the allotment space I’m slowly filling the garden up with growbags and containers for food growing too.

We have tomato plants, potatoes bags, strawberries, herbs and the carrots are going into a tub tomorrow insha’allah, as well as salad leaves and radish.






Slowly making plans to use the borders in the garden more productively – bushes and fruit trees in the ground, flowers in pots and rest is going to give way to space for food. Food, not lawns!

Well that’s the plan…. until then the midget has commonadeered the greenhouse (or snail house) to use as his oven, and mud pies, mud cups of tea and mud cake are the order of the day here….






And I am sure they are delicious.

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7 thoughts on “Getting there…

  1. Wow, you’re a lot further ahead down there. My apple trees are still blossoming! I grow rhubarb in the borders and some strawberries as well.In the front garden the borders are all fruit bushes with apple trees in front and back.


  2. mashaAllah, those snails don’t know who they’re dealing with! I used gro bags with tomatoes last year and they seemed to like it, but I wish they could make them a bit prettier, maybe printed with a grassy pattern or something.. Mud pies oh the childhood memories,hehe


  3. I have planted rhubarb, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peas, grapes, raspberries, chives, strawberries and three dwarf fruit trees (apricot, asian pear, and pie cherries). My goal is to freeze and can and pickle. We’ll see….we have a late spring! Love your garden and the mudpies. ; )dd


  4. If they’ve only been planted this year it might take them a couple years to get a good crop of fruit on them. We planted three semi-dwarf fruit trees too – the apples have been generous with us this year, but the cherries tried hard, then just gave up and the plum are holding on for dear life.Check too to see if your pear needs another pollinator nearby to get a crop of fruit. Apple trees sometimes make good cross pollinators.


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