Another One :: for the cooler spring days


A while back I was gifted some excellent yarn in some mouth-watering colourways by my sister. This is why I keep her sweet, she comes in very useful.


All three balls were Rowan’s Purelife Revive, and I immediately went for the colour in ‘grit’ which is a misnomer because it is like no grit on earth – the colour is a true aqua – like an Impressionist’s interpretation of water on a tropical island. Just a beautiful colour.

I dove straight in (no pun intended) and made a Butterfly Hat, which is simple yet effective in the way it conjures up illusion of complexity.





But then I was left with a quandry as to what to do with the other yummy yarn. So I continued the butterfly theme by knitting for myself a cowl, for the cooler spring days on the allotment, with the same butterfly stitches.

And once again, here is the pattern for you all to enjoy too! Couple it with the Butterfly Hat and have a little co-ordination in your woollens!




As usual, the pattern will appear in the Tutorial pages and Ravelry too. Enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “Another One :: for the cooler spring days

  1. Wow. Blogger is having problems! I commented yesterday and it isn’t here, and I can’t post on my blog today! But, my daughter can post to her blog! Anyway….I like your yarn. The colors are yummy!dd


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