C is for CUSHION


Cushions have been the theme of the week here – firstly a couple that I ran up myself for the new-to-me sewing chair. These fabrics started life off as 1970s placemats (they were new when I was little) which were calling out for a new lease of life. And what better way than to be coupled with a vintage soulmate from the same era?



And then there were these :: lovely retro barkcloth offerings from H is for Home. What can I say? I love them. All of them. All lined up looking glorious and posh.



You can tell the children aren’t allowed to touch these right?

*** *** ***


15 thoughts on “C is for CUSHION

  1. I love barkcloth cushions and have a few myself. In fact I have far too many cushions in my house, I just keep buying/making them. Lovely blog and lovely chair. x


  2. Yes! Well, it is *a* couch – I didn’t find the vintage one I was harking after so caved in, saved up and bought new :)I went through a stage of having cushions everywhere – couldn’t move for them. Now I’m trying to be very good and keep it minimal…


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