Bake ‘Til You Drop





I’ve been away. Away from home and blog and family too!

Last week I went home to my parents’ house and left the boys and their Daddy alone to party like it’s Nineteen Ninety-Nine hold the fort until I could make it back.

It’s true that with three males alone in the house there was a certain degree of funk to shift upon my return. But it didn’t really bother me. Life is short so why sweat the small stuff, especially when important stuff like baking needs doing.

Home is :: Mummy making cookies and scones and goodies for tired, hungry babes after playing outside on their bikes in the hot spring sunshine.

And even though I’m tired, sad, heavy-hearted and planning a speedy return up North, I’m glad to be home.

*** *** ***

5 thoughts on “Bake ‘Til You Drop

  1. Who is going to munch all of these goodies up? I love baking as well but the treats don’t seem to make it past their 2nd day, maybe 3rd. The good thing is that, as of late, all the sugary treats in the house are home-made and I know exactly what’s in them. So, how long did you make these treats last?


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