Our Weekend…

Our weekend included ::

Planting & Planning ::


Seeds in their seed trays; trailing the city for free wood to make raised beds; planning a herbal and healing section to the allotment; adding natural dye plants to the mix.

Gaming ::





Having my ass suitably kicked by a five year old at chess, Go To The Shops, Blokus, snakes & ladders and pretty much anything else we played.

Making ::


There was knitting, obviously, but a whole lot more got made this weekend. Oh yes.

Fresh Air ::


There was a LOT more garden play this weekend, as testified by rosy cheeks, sleepy heads and some flowers ripped from stalks for Mama.

A lazy weekend. The best kind of weekend there is.

*** *** ***

6 thoughts on “Our Weekend…

  1. So far we have St John’s Wort, German chamomile, echinacea, arnica, valerian, arcticum lappa, yarrow, and peppermint. We already have nettles, and so far I’ve added woad for the dyes (chamomile can be used for dying too!). Can you recommend any others?


  2. wow, cant wait to see how your allotment comes along. i have got myself a piece of land this year, feel a little lost with it, so keep us updated on whatever you do with yours. natural dye plants sound cool!


  3. Oh my goodness me- thankyou so much for finding my blog as it has meant I have found yours, which is terribly exciting! Cna’t wait to see how your allotment develops over the year and all the thrifty, crafty, family things you get up to x


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