Mr. Maker


Under the table which sees all kinds of work taking place, another type of work goes on, hidden by large sheets from the dressing up box.

In this space the midget has laid a blanket, gotten himself comfortable with huge feather-filled cushions, got his sword, phone, a few lights and a ruler and from this amazing den a world is created. And he is The Doctor. Welcome to his Tardis.





From the inventing box he takes all manner of interesting looking ‘junk’ and with carefully placed parcel tape he invents all manner of props for his play – guns, tanks, a computer, things which haven’t even got a name yet…







And this is his sonic screwdriver. Oh yes.


“Hello – I’m the Doctor”

It is both a privelege and an honour to watch his inventing and his play. It is awe-inspiring to see what worlds can be made out of sticking tape and paperclips. He never fails to surprise, impress and inspire me with his imagination.

And it goes to prove, if any proof were needed, the best toys are in fact free.


But in case you are worried that it is all work, work, work down in the inventing shed, I would like to reassure you that the Doctor knows how to kick back and relax, and in his spare time he does this ::


But I have no idea why.

*** *** ***

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